The following is a selection of Customer testimonials from our files and is updated every couple of months. Please feel free to write or email us and tell us about your experiences with Solid Gold Health. Let us know if you would like your letter considered for inclusion on our website. All letters are printed with permission from the Customers who wrote them.


"My husband and I adopted our girl from a friend of a friend a few years ago. When we picked her up, she was quite a sight. Very skinny, hair all dull and thin, ears hard - all from living outside with a bunch of larger dogs. Our friend feeds MMillennia to his GSP and we thought she looked great, so we got a bag for Althea to try. She went right for it. After just a few weeks, her coat was thicker and shinier, she had packed on a healthy amount of weight, and her ears were soft as velvet. While I'm sure her change in lifestyle (living indoors with us) had something to do with it, I am also sure our choice in food contributed greatly to such a fast turnaround. Thanks!"

- Lara N.


"I recently adopted a dog from the SPCA, who turned out to be a Southern Mountain Cur, about 6 months old. When I took him home, he had a moderate case of dandruff, and was shedding quite copiously. Part of that was the issue of losing his puppy and winter coats simultaneously.
I put him on Nutro Lamb and Rice and his skin got worse. After 2 months, the trainer suggested (strongly!) that I try Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken and SeaMeal. Her store does not carry your brand, so I did a search on your website and found a dealer.
In 3 weeks, his coat is shiny, he is shedding very little (he was getting bald spots before), and the skin condition is GONE!
Also, his attention span has improved, and he is more obedient (very noticeable in class when distractions are everywhere).
Thank you so much for the wonderful products."

- Janine D.


"Hi, my name is Amanda and I started feeding Barking at the Moon to my young Border Collie about 2 months ago. I have been doing agility actively with her and decided to switch to a different food because she was starting to get thin and she didn't really have a whole lot of muscle for as much as she was working. I heard about Barking at the Moon at a dog show in Portland, OR in January of 2006. I put her on it and the results were almost immediate. Her coat is shinier and much more full. She put on about 5 pounds of muscle and has done exremely well in agility. Her stamina lasts longer and we can do a lot more physical workouts. I am so happy with the results and think this new food has been great and I will definitely continue to feed it to her and all other performace dogs I will have. Thank you for creating such a wonderful food!"

- Amanda


" We got our Chow Chow three years ago. She was six years old at the time. Her previous owner had her on antibiotics and steroids because of severe skin problems. We wanted to get her off the medicine so our daughter went online and found Solid Gold. She ordered SeaMeal and a bag of Hund-n-Flocken and we started her on it as soon as we got it. Within a short time, her skin started to improve and her appetite was much better. She has been off the medication since then and at the age of nine she acts like a much younger dog. She eats nothing but Solid Gold products and I have now added your Flax Seed Oil, which she really likes mixed in with her food. I am sure if our daughter wouldn't have found Solid Gold we would not have our beautiful Chow Chow. Thank you so much for your wonderful products. "

- Carol H.