Frequently Asked Questions

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I do not see Glucosamine or Chondroiten in your large breed or senior breed dog foods. Why is this?

We do not have glucosamine or chondroitin added to our products for many reasons. The main reason is that there are over and under dosing concerns when added to the food because of the difference in the sizes of the dog eating it. It is much more exact to supplement each dog individually, that way small dogs don�t get too much and large dogs get enough. Dosing concerns aside, to add the supplement to the food in a large enough quantity to be effective would be cost prohibitive, it is much more economical to supplement after the food is manufactured. The amount that is in the other foods would require between 15 and 20 cups be consumed per day to get the recommended daily amount without additional supplementation.
Further, this is currently an unapproved feed additive according to AAFCO. Were we to put it in our foods, we would face possible stop sale of our products until it is removed.
For these reasons, we have separate joint supplements.

I am unable to find Solid Gold products in my area. Can I order direct?

Yes, you may order using our online order form, or by calling 800-364-4863 x 10. Any retail order questions can also be directed to our retail order specialist via email at

Where are Solid Gold foods made?

All Solid Gold products are made in the USA, with the exception of our five tuna based canned cat foods

What is the shelf life of Solid Gold Dry Foods?

Solid Gold dry foods have a shelf life of one year. The bags are dated with a best before date which is printed exactly one year from the day of manufacture. We recommend using the food within 3 months after opening.

I have been feeding Solid Gold for years, but the last bag that I opened looked darker (or lighter) then before. Should I be concerned about feeding this to my pet?

Since we do not add artificial colors or flavors to the food, we expect to see slight variation from batch to batch. This is simply a reflection of the natural ingredients we use and in no way affects the quality of the food.

Are the fish used in your foods farmed or wild caught?

We use only wild caught fish, our fish are never from fish farms.

I have a small breed puppy but I do not see a small breed puppy food. What should I feed him/her?

We recommend feeding small breed puppies the Just a WEE BIT formula. It is specifically formulated for smaller breeds which have a higher calorie requirement per pound of body weight than larger dogs and the nutrient profile closely matches that of the Hundchen Flocken puppy formula. Thus, it is suitable for puppies and adults alike.

Where can i find Solid Gold products in my area?

You may use the store locator on our homepage to input your zipcode and find contact information for the distributors and retailers serving areas near you.

My dog likes to eat the cat stool out of the litter box. Can I give the SEP to my cat to prevent this?

You cannot give SEP to cats as they cannot handle the excess glutamic acid, which is the bittering agent in this product. Because of their diet, cats produce a very palatable stool, as they are often eating a higher protein food than dogs are and some of this passes undigested in the stool. Unfortunately, we are unaware of any product which can be given to the cats to prevent this issue. The best recommendation we have is a covered litter box or one that allows for top entry and is thus inaccessible to dogs

What is the best way to store Solid Gold pet food once it is opened?

We generally recommend placing the entire bag into an airthight container, without pouring it out. The container should be stored in a cool dry place. Pouring the food out exposes it to a rush of air and can increase the rate at which it will oxidize, decreasing the shelf-life. By leaving the food in the bag and then placing the bag into an airtight container, he bag becomes a barrier which then provides an extra layer of protection.
Also this allows tracking of any issues or problems which may arise as the bag is being used because there is a batch number and expiration date which identifies that particular production run.
The canned foods should be covered and stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 3-5 days.

I recenty purchased a bag of Solid Gold that wasn't vacuum sealed, is it still OK to feed it?

Solid Gold dry food bags contain a revolutionary one-way valve system to hermetically seal the bags. Hermetic sealing gives the same effect as vacuum packaging, in that the bag is completely air tight and impervious to external influence. Solid Gold bags are not vacuum packed.

Some bags are very rigid, where the air has been completely expelled through the one way valve. This effect occurs in bags that were stored in the lower part of a pallet or passed through high altitude on the way to their final destination. Other bags, which are not rigid, still have the air-tight seal and protection from the outside environment and are preferred by some customers and stores, as they are easier to stack and lift. Through extensive shelf life testing, we have found there is absolutely no shelf life difference between the bags that are rock hard and those that are loose.

Does Solid Gold engage in any animal testing?

The only testing we conduct on animals is in the form of non-invasive feeding trials. The dogs and cats are fed a variety of foods and their preferences are simply monitored and recorded. Feeding trials are the best method of ensuring that our food is palatable for dogs and cats and is very necessary to ensure the best product makes it to the market. All dog food companies must assess the nutritional quality and palatability of their food before it can receive approval to be sold. This is currently done with personal pets owned by the employees and associates of Solid Gold.

What is the shelf life of Solid Gold treats?

Solid Gold's meat based treats are stamped with an expiration date. Our biscuits are stamped with a manfacture date and are good for a year from this date.

What is the shelf life of Solid Gold Supplements?

Most supplement are stamped with an expiration date. However, there are a few supplements that are stamped with a four digit manufacture date. The first three numbers are the day of the year and the last number is the year. The powdered supplements with a manufactured date have a shelf life of three years.

Do Solid Gold foods need to be supplemented?

All Solid Gold foods are complete and balanced according to AAFCO guidelines. Therefore, they do not need to be supplemented with anything. However, we do recommend supplementing any commercial pet food with a supplement like our Seameal. Seameal contains 60 trace minerals, 12 vitamins, 22 amino acids, digestive enzymes and flaxseed meal.